The day before, Lake Tahoe had beautiful autumn weather. But the seasons change quickly up in the mountains, and the morning of Victoria’s wedding we woke up to a stunning winter wonderland.

The wedding was held at The Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe. It’s the most glamorous ski lodge I’ve seen, especially when draped in snow.

One of my favorite activities that weekend was having brunch with the bride. Victoria knew that we wouldn’t have a chance to chat very much at the wedding, so she graciously invited Marilyn, Stef and me over for room service and catching up.

We had time before the wedding started, so we decided to ride a ski gondola down the mountain. Winter is definitely here!

There’s nothing like ski lifting in a winter wonderland…

After enjoying the snow, it was time to dry off, warm up, and get ready for the wedding ceremony.

Because the snow was so beautiful, we had to take glamor shots in front of the windows. The scenery almost looks fake, it’s that perfect!

Marilyn and Stef were brave, and ventured out into the chilly weather to take pictures.

When I saw how gorgeous the pics were turning out, I decided it was worth it to do the same! Brrr!

Wondering what the highlights of the wedding were? First, the tables had framed pictures of the guests. It was fun seeing this shot of Marilyn, Victoria and me at our graduation. I was so blonde!

Another MAJOR highlight from the evening was the mac and cheese station! Victoria first told me about it at brunch, and I had been looking forward to it ever since! I joked with the girls that I couldn’t have a mac and cheese station at my wedding, because I would just stand in front of it the whole night!

And finally, we laughed so hard taking pictures in the wintery-themed photo booth. My friends are hilarious!

Marilyn called this “the safety.”

This is one of my favorites! It was only afterwards that I realized that I could have gotten the same effect dropping the ball behind Marilyn instead of on her!

P.S. wondering what I wore? My dress is by Allison Parris, my necklace is by Ella Carter (aptly named the “Ashley” necklace), and my hat is by Eddie Bauer! The hat was only temporary, don’t worry!

The wedding was a lot of fun, and even featured swing dancing!

It was great spending time with friends from school that I don’t get to see very often.

And of course, the bride looked beautiful.

Happy wedding day Victoria!

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