Several months ago, when discussing my upcoming wedding, a recently-married friend asked me which of Greg’s opinions on the big day surprised me the most. I thought it was a great question, since he had strong feelings on certain subjects that I didn’t expect at all!

The first is that Greg absolutely, positively, refuses to interact with wedding cake. At all. He does not want to cut the cake. He does not want to feed me the cake. And he does not even want to eat the cake. It’s funny to me how vehemently he discusses the cake! And because he feels so strongly on the subject, we’re serving a different dessert at our wedding, all to make sure Greg is happy!

The other unexpected aspect of our wedding that’s important to Greg is our first dance. To be honest, I hadn’t put that much thought into our dance. I figured we’d sway, it would be emotional, and then it would be over. But from the beginning, Greg has wanted to take professional dance classes so that we can wow our guests.

And because I like dancing, and I like Greg, I happily went along with it. We booked lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Downtown New York.

We’re lucky enough to be taught by the studio’s owners, Svitlana Gliebova and Artur Sveshnikov.

They’re excellent instructors, breaking down each step in a way that makes sense, so that before long even Greg, with his rugby background, was beginning to look like a trained dancer.

They’ll work with you on whatever you envision for your big day. Whether you want to learn a few moves for the dance floor, or whether you want each step of your first dance choreographed, Svitlana and Artur (and the rest of Fred Astaire’s instructors) will tailor their lessons to your goals.

What began as an item to cross off our wedding to-do list has quickly turned into something we look forward to doing each week.

After each rehearsal, Artur and Svitlana have us write down the moves we learned so that we can practice at home.

Because one of us needs slightly more studying than the other, Artur also dances the steps with me so that Greg can record it, and have a video to watch at home with each of his moves laid out in front of him.

Our spontaneous ending is my favorite part of this video!

(Don’t worry, that’s not our first dance song)!

Even though we still have more practicing to do, Greg and I are looking forward to our wedding day performance! We anticipate our first dance going flawlessly, and then afterwards, when our guests compliment us, we’ll lie and say it was spontaneous!

We both love Svitlana and Artur, and have had the best time working with them and preparing for our first dance.

To find out more information on Fred Astaire Dance Studio, click here.

Now just don’t tell our wedding guests!

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